Virtual reality introduced for use in safety market

There has been a recent innovative move in the safety market, this move was kick started by ‘MSA’ who are an industry leading supplier of safety products on a global scale. The company recently found a way in which to help enable their customers to somewhat experience their many safety products without having to be exposed to the dangerous hazards that the equipment is required for.

MSA’s Customer Marketing Communications Manager, Evelyn Webb explained: “VR has undoubtedly been a gamechanger for MSA. It offers a new and innovative way to convey our suite of products to customers and transforms sales meetings. We’ve been using these technologies at trade shows and in presentations, with fantastic customer engagement and feedback. We worked with immersive technology specialists, Render, to develop VR to showcase our fall protection products in a completely new, interactive way. The technology makes our products come to life for our customers. The VR scenarios can be accessed through HTC VIVE® headsets or through a mobile app on both iOS and Android. It has enabled us to truly showcase our fall protection expertise and the benefits that brings to customers.”

Mark Miles, Render’s Chief Executive, also added that: “You’re not just seeing and hearing, you’re feeling. An immersive narrative gives customers the full sensory experience. In the VR construction experience that Render and MSA has developed, users climb up to a virtual rooftop, using a controller to ‘clip on’ at every step before they reach the rooftop to carry out vital maintenance. By enabling customers to literally experience the products for themselves in a life-like hazardous environment, MSA can communicate the value of its products in seconds.”

After they have chosen the required choice of language for the simulation, users are then given the opportunity to select the correct equipment for working at height, this includes a full body harness and a personal fall limiter (PFL). After scaling a ladder using the equipment, to the roof of a commercial unit, the user must then remove an inspection cover from an air-conditioning unit. The worker is in a fall arrest position and the VR user virtually ‘falls’ backwards in the simulation, over the edge of the roof. MSA’s Latchways fall protection system successfully arrests the fall before gently lowering the user to the ground.

The users experience can be updated to showcase various new products, allowing for different working scenarios and changing of language choice if required.

To give it a go, visit the following link –