Trump Tower fire caused by malfunctioning electrical box


The Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan caught fire early Monday morning, covering the skyline in thick clouds of smoke. Emergency responders arrived at the tower just after 7am to find the fire taking place on the roof of the building. Thanks to the good work of the firefighters, the blaze never entered the building, and despite freezing cold temperatures was completely extinguished with water, taking them no more than an hour to resolve.

According to a FDNY spokesperson, the fire was caused by a faulty electrical box in the HVAC system located on the roof. Two civilians were injured from the fire and were treated at the scene, while a firefighter also sustained a minor injury caused by falling debris.

US President Donald Trump usually inhabits the top three floors of Trump Tower, however has been in Washington DC since taking office in January. Members of his family also have offices in the building, including his son Eric, who took to Twitter to give his praise of the New York Fire Department for their speedy and effective response.

Part of Fifth Avenue was filled with emergency vehicles there to deal with the fire, causing an even busier Monday morning than usual in Manhattan, although no one was actually evacuated from the building during the incident. Assistant Chief Roger Sakowich from the FDNY offered further detail on the event;

“We had one minor injury to a firefighter, and one minor injury to a civilian. Our units got up there quickly, we got water on the fire, which in 19 degrees creates more steam and smoke.

“We were able to extinguish the fire without any problems within the building. Everything went according to plan.”