Tool theft has risen by 15% in just 3 years, according to Volkswagen

Tool theft has risen to record levels in the past 3 years, this according to a recent survey carried out by Volkswagen. They also reported that these thefts of tools over the 3 years have costed businesses an estimated £46m.

On record there have been a staggering 64,000 cases of theft from commercial vehicles, logged across the UK by Police. Almost 24,000 of those cases occurred in just 1 year from 2017/18. In the report, Central London was the worst area for commercial vehicle thefts, with on average, more than 8,000 cases reported each year, this meaning roughly £11 million worth of loses.
Second worst were Northumbria, with 4,000 cases logged and West Yorkshire at 3rd with 1,000 cases logged. It was Humberside Police with the biggest rise in thefts, with the number of reported incidents being up by more than 1000% in the last 3 years.

Sadly, very rarely is it just the replacement of tools that ends up costing a tradesman, people are often left unable to work while they wait for their tools to be restocked and for the locks to be replaced or repaired. We previously went through various steps that can be taken to avoid being a victim of tool theft, and they were the following: try to park in an area with active CCTV, a well-lit place, also tactically parking with a colleague to block certain access points to your vehicles.

Head of service parts for Volkswagen, Trevor Hodgson-Phillips, commented on the findings: “Today’s findings are startling as it shows the problem is only getting worse right across the UK. Tool theft costs owner drivers and businesses millions of pounds each year in insurance claims and downtime. Any amount of time where a van can’t be used is additional cost on top of the replacement tools. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is committed to supporting our customers wherever possible and that includes preventing them from becoming victims of tool theft.”