Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging (Thermography)

Most commonly known as part of a thorough EICR report, Thermal Imaging will ‘look inside’ the fabric of your building seeking the route of your cabling to identify immediately any heat spots that could, and often do, indicate a potential danger.

  • Think about the motors that drive your plant and equipment. Running too hot means wear, inefficiency and easy replacement
  • Let us survey your site, show you how Thermal Imaging works and quote you for a full survey
  • At the very least it could be an indication of a serious energy waste

We use the latest hand held Thermal Imaging cameras as part of our Predictive Maintenance (PM) programme.

  • If electrical connections come loose, it causes a resistance to current and an increase in temperature
  • Increased temperature can cause components to fail, potentially resulting in unplanned outages and injuries
  • The efficiency of an electrical grid becomes low prior to failure
  • As energy is lost, heat is generated
  • Left unchecked, heat can rise and connections can melt causing circuits to malfunction
  • In serious cases overheating can cause fires
  • Loose connections, load imbalances and corrosion are all signals of inefficiency and impending problems

Thermal Imaging will locate and determine the severity of the problem, and help establish a repair/replace programme.

Thermal imaging is the ultimate in non intrusive testing process, detecting potential problems before it’s too late.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Why do I need to carry out Thermal Imaging?
The Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989 places a “duty of care” on employers and landlords to maintain electrical systems to prevent danger. In many cases traditional inspection and test work is not feasible; where supplies are impossible to isolate such as hospitals, prisons, factories etc. In conjunction with visual inspection and live testing thermal imaging is an effective way of locating potential problems within the electrical distribution system.

Q.Who is responsible?
Realistically, everybody has a duty to ensure the safety of others whilst at work; however, the Duty Holder will have ultimate responsibility for electrical safety and welfare of staff.

Q.What does it involve?
A qualified engineer will visit your premises with an infra-red camera. Damaged or faulty areas known as “hot spots” in an electric supply will generate heat; the camera will detect this alerting the engineer to a potential problem.

Q.Who should do the work?
It is vital that this type of work is carried by a qualified and experienced test engineer. Generally fully qualified electricians who have experience of test and inspection, and have been trained and qualified specifically in thermal imaging work. When selecting your contractor, you should ask to see evidence of their qualifications and experience in this type of work.

Q.Will it impact on my workplace?
In theory there should be no impact whatsoever other than an Engineer being present on site visiting each key electrical location. Providing you communicate with the engineer and provide access to each location your businesses operation will not be affected.

Q.What about reports and documentation?
After a proper thermal imaging survey you should receive a report that details the following:

  • Installation details and characteristics
  • Schedule of items tested and inspected
  • A thermal image and standard digital image of each piece of equipment surveyed
  • Recommendations for any further investigation required along with an explanation

Q.How much will it cost?
Thermal Imaging is usually charged using a day rate which will be dependant on location, access, time and volume of images taken. An engineer should comfortably survey 55 pieces of equipment in a day, providing access is arranged.

Q.What could happen if I don’t do it?
It’s another of those “better safe than sorry” professional Health & Safety jobs. It will cost you money but the alternative could be far more serious.
In the event of a fire or other damage to your property your “Thermal Imaging” certificate will add to evidence that you take your duty of care responsibilities seriously.

Q. How can Protest ES Ltd help?
We are an NICEIC accredited Electrical and Energy services supply company with 12 years experience. We know what to do and offer competitive quotes through our national team of qualified personnel.

Q. How do I know I can trust you?
Our accreditations include:

  • Safecontractor
  • Constructionline
  • City and Guilds

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