Survey on stigma of mental health in the engineering industry launched

In the wake of the important ‘World Mental Health day’ (10th October 2018), a smart initiative has been launched in which those involved in the engineering industry will be studied, with a focus on the impact of masculinity. The survey is something new for the sector as there has never been one like it before. Launched by the innovative ‘EqualEngineers’, the survey will be running until the 16th of November this year.

To this day the engineering profession remains a predominately male dominated sector. With a massive 89% of males taking up the percentage of the industry. The survey should serve as a good insight into the culture within the industry and what effect the image of a stereotypical engineer has on those in the sector. Exploring how men are maybe made to feel they must act or behave a certain way.

According to many reports, men are the gender most at risk of suicide, with the majority being under the age of 50 years old. It is also said that those in the construction sector are almost 4 times more likely to commit suicide. The survey will seek to discover if men are able to overcome the onsite or workplace so called macho culture and open up about their mental health.
The survey comes from a personal view point of EqualEngineers Managing Director, Mark McBride-Wright, who had previously worked many years in the sector and faced many of the challenges as well as witnessing the lack of diversity in the sector himself.

Speaking on the survey Mark explained: “For me, inclusivity in the workplace is a health and safety issue. Not being able to be open about who you are, because of attitudes and lack of diversity around you can lead to mental health issues and decreased well being. In construction, for example, an industry where suicide rates among men are more than three times the national average, more needs to be done to ensure that commitment to these issues goes much further than token inclusion policies.

My hopes for this survey is to capture the voice of men in the engineering and tech industries, individuals who perhaps feel excluded from the focus on diversity and inclusion efforts of organisations. We need to rapidly overhaul the way in which we approach culture change programmes within our industry, and we need to ensure everyone feels included, and is able to find their voice as part of the diversity narrative.”

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