Renewable electricity generation reaches all-time high

The increasing availability of affordable and accessible renewables has resulted in the generation of green electricity reaching a record high level, as has been reported by the Renewable Energy Association (REA), who also called for more government backing to support and continue the growth.

In the quarterly government publication Energy Trends, data shows that in the second quarter of 2018, renewables’ share of total electricity generation was at an all-time high of 31.7 per cent. In contrast, coal’s share of electricity generation hit a record low of 1.6 per cent.

Despite the increasing provision of renewables throughout the energy sector however, the REA have shown that the deployment of solar PV systems has actually decreased due to less government funding. Therefore, the REA has urged the government to offer more support and use policy to ensure that the most cost-effective renewables such as solar continue to grow. Analysis showed that solar installations have fallen overall, and during July and August there was only a 21 milliwatt increase in deployment in the UK. The REA has put this down to government reforms in recent years and policy making the renewables market less accessible than it could be for many buyers.

Policy and external affairs director at the REA, James Court, commented; “The record renewable power generation is a significant achievement for the industry. Renewables have never been more affordable and accessible as they are now and this is reflected in the data released today.

 “However, for renewables to continue to become more affordable and for the UK to grow its green jobs base, the government must continue to support the industry. Figures show that the lack of support is already having a significant impact on solar power, for example, which is currently the cheapest option for new power generation.

 “Government must introduce alternative support and unlock a route to market if the UK is to benefit from cheaper, greener and smarter energy.”