Electrical Remedial Works

Any EICR report (Electrical Installation Condition Report) that contains either a Code 1 (C1), or a Code 2 (C2), immediately deems the report unsatisfactory, regardless of any other results.
By itself Fixed Wire Testing is not enough. Any defects must be rectified by carrying out remedial action to ensure your site complies with current relevant health and safety requirements. If faults are not corrected, this is a health and safety hazard and would most likely mean that insurance for the site would become invalid, potentially leaving a duty holder fully liable.

The longer an installation that requires further action is left, the more potentially dangerous that fitting becomes. It is imperative that if you have had Fixed Wire Testing, you are sure to get subsequent remedial works completed as soon as possible.

Our Service

We are fully qualified to carry out your electrical remedial works, We will build a specific programme tailored to your needs, thereby ensuring electrical compliance. We will grant you with official certification to confirm our work has been completed.
Until appropriate electrical remedial action is completed by a qualified contractor like ourselves, you cannot receive a satisfactory report, this means the fitting in question will not be compliant with current Health and Safety legislation.

The End Goal

Following completion of the remedial works, we will provide you with the required certification detailing what works have been completed for the affected areas and ensuring full compliance. This final report should be filed alongside the EICR report for proof of electrical compliance.

If you require Electrical Remedial Works:


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