Lighting provision for the world’s longest sea bridge

Lighting company Thorn has been tasked with providing a large amount of the lighting for the new Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, which is due to open soon and will become the world’s largest sea bridge.

The entire construction project will cost 115.9 billion yuan (€14.7 billion), and out of the three associated lighting contracts, Thorn has secured two of them. Their products will illuminate two artificial islands which have been constructed at the east and west of the bridge, as well as being used inside the tunnel that leads to the crossing from Hong Kong.

After nine years of construction work on the bridge, it is nearing completion and is set to start carrying traffic soon. It spans China’s Pearl River Delta, and connects Hong Kong and the island of Macau with the city of Zhuhai on the Chinese mainland. For all companies involved with construction, the environment makes it an extremely difficult task: such things to consider are frequent typhoons, airport height restrictions, high environmental standards and factors involved with shipping. These considerations do not only determine what kind of products can be used but also how they are implemented.

Thorn provided 120 high-power floodlights, mounted upon 12 high masts, to light the bridge. The products were chosen for various reasons: their high luminous efficacy of 115lm/W, lengthy lifetime of 70,000 hours, IP66 rating for ingress protection, and their success in completing a 1000-hour salt-spray test. All of these factors crucially demonstrate that the lighting can withstand the tough environment in which they are being used. As far as environmental concerns go, the fittings use 600W of power, compared to 1000W for any realistic alternatives, so are the most suitable option on all fronts.