Fire Alarm Testing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need to carry it out?
The Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 require that fire alarm and automatic detection systems should be installed where there is a requirement for early warning of fire. Periodic testing and inspection of all fire alarms and detection systems is essential to ensure they will operate correctly in the event of a fire.
Poor maintenance can lead to failure and possible risk to life. All fire alarm and detection systems are required to be tested and inspected in accordance with BS5839 pt 1.

Q. Who is responsible?
Realistically, everybody has a duty to ensure the safety of others whilst at work. However, your “duty holder” has ultimate responsibility for the overall safety and welfare of staff.

Q. What does it involve?
Fire alarm inspection and testing means thorough integrity tests of the system including cables, containment, panels, detectors and sounders. A real time audible fire alarm is part of the test, and clearly the test procedure includes advising staff before and after the audible test.

Q. Who should do the test?
It is vital that this type of work is carried out by a qualified and experienced Test Engineer, generally a qualified electrician, trained and qualified to carry out such tests and authorised to certify the result.
When selecting your contractor you should ask to see evidence of their qualifications and experience in this type of work.

Q. Will it interrupt my business?
Usually you need only be concerned about advising staff of Fire Drill Alarms. Protest ES Ltd do not recommend out of hours testing. Your work people need to know and recognise the sound of a fire alarm. Be wary of contractors that tell you this work can be fully carried out without sounding the fire alarm – it is impossible.

Q. Tell me about post-test documents.
Following the test you should receive a report that details the following:

  • Installation details and characteristics
  • Circuit information and test results
  • Schedule of items tested and inspected
  • A list of defects or deviations from the British Standard (these will require attention)
  • Advise on any further work/action required
  • Your contractor should enter the details of the inspection in your on-site log-book.

Q. How much does it cost?
Your chosen contractor should attend site for a full walk round survey before offering a quotation. You might submit plans for an estimate but be wary of accepting a quotation without a full survey.

Q. What could happen if I don’t do it?
A serious fire on your premises will inevitably involve insurance assessors. You will be asked to provide proof that your emergency and alarm systems have been regularly tested. You risk losing insurance as well as endangering life if your fire alarm system fails.

Q. How can you help?
We are a NICEIC accredited Electrical and Energy services supply company with 12 years experience. We know what to do and offer competitive quotes through our national team of qualified personnel.

Q. How do I know I can trust you?
Our accreditations include:

  • Safecontractor
  • Constructionline
  • City and Guilds

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