Engineering in top 5 league table for UK’s most trustworthy occupations

According to a recent survey, engineering is the 4th most trusted occupation in the UK. This was according to the new ‘Truth League Table Index’, the Institution of Engineering (IET) working in conjunction with the 2018 Veracity Index, have been tracking the levels of trust that the public have regarding different occupations in the UK. The engineering profession proves very popular in the UK, with roughly 1 in 5 people in the UK being an engineer. According to the league table, nearly 90% (87%) of people in the UK feel that engineering is a trustworthy profession, this was closely followed by those in the education sector, and healthcare sector, with teachers, nurses and doctors being some of the most trustworthy professions.

Particularly high was the trust amongst graduates in the UK, a reported 91% find engineering the most trustworthy profession, this is a positive for the industry, with the demand high for more qualified engineering professionals in the UK. A spokesperson for the IET had this to say regarding the reported popularity of the engineering profession: “Nearly 9 in 10 people trust engineers – this demonstrates the huge level of professionalism and importance of engineers in the UK to support our infrastructure and continue to advance the world around us. Having engineers at the top of the index amongst the likes of doctors and teachers will hopefully help us further shift outdated perceptions of engineering and encourage the next generation into an inspiring and rewarding career.”

It is perhaps not so surprising that when taking a deep dive down the trust league table, you will find the profession of politicians, with a measly 19% of UK residents feel it is a trustworthy profession. Government ministers were not much more popular with 22% finding them trustworthy. Statistically slightly more trustworthy were journalists with 26%, and estate agents with 30%.

The most trusting demographic in the UK were that of Generation Z, also found to be relatively trustworthy were Millennial’s. Those who voted to remain as well as Conservative party supporters along with most of the middle class were also highly trusting of most professions. Those with low levels of trust were found to be either divorced, separated or widowed. People who rent from the local authority and people with little to no formal education or qualifications were also found to have low levels of trustworthiness.