Occupancy Sensors


Occupancy Sensors

Why light the room when it’s empty?

Unless security demands it you can restrict your lighting to occupied rooms only by fitting Occupancy sensors.

Aside from normal office locations think about  warehouses, storerooms, toilets, loading docks, corridors and stairwells.

There are a two main options for occupancy Sensors.

 PIR heat sensor technology.

  • Sensitive within 3 meters,each unit has a passive infra-red (PIR) heat sensor that detects body heat and movement.

Ultrasonic (US) sensors.

  • Detect motion at any point within the contour lines.
  • Usually greater range than PIR.

PES Energy will help you decide which suits you better. In any event;

  • We link these units to your light switches, turning lights on and off as required.
  • No movement = No light= No energy cost.


If you require Occupancy Sensors:


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