The link between electricity supply and energy saving is obvious.

Our obligations to future generations can be coupled with an increasing need for efficiency in order to save money.

Our solutions are in line with the latest energy efficiency policies, including Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation.

Commercial Solutions

With energy prices ever increasing, it’s important to make your building as energy efficient as possible.

Our offer is simple.

We will inspect your building and make recommendations to deliver a tailor-made energy saving programme. This programme may include

  • A discussion with our energy broker to check your tariff.
  • Temporarily installing a wireless temperature monitoring system to ‘temperature map’ around the building.
  • Seeking for energy ‘leaks’ across your fixed wire circuits.
  • A budget plan to progressively install LED lighting, and/or Passive Infra Red sensors.
  • Trials with special window blinds that repel/retain heat.

Remember, the Carbon Trust say just 1 degree less on your thermostat could save up to 8% of your energy costs.

With increasing pressure and demands on the commercial sector for energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon reduction, our approach is to move towards a Total Energy Management solution.  This provides you with diagnostic asset management and efficiency solutions tailored for all your businesses needs.

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