Electrical Industries Charity aiming to aid former elderly colleagues

The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) are urging the industry to show support to their former retired colleagues, who are said to be most prone to loneliness, isolation, poverty, and multiple mental health issues.

It is often thought that retirement is something to be looked forward to as one of the happiest and relaxed stages of life. But for some, retirement can be one of the most daunting and worrying times for those used to a certain routine and structure. According to a recent report published by the BBC, there are nearly 1 million people aged 75 years or older who are living in poverty and in need of help, this is over 300,000 more elderly people in the UK than 5 years ago.

Age UK released a report in which they stated that poverty, loneliness, and isolation are the top three major factors affecting the mental health and well-being of older people. It was already revealed in the report that 49% of people aged 65 or older said that their only form of communication or company is through watching TV or their pets, 1 million individuals reported that they always or often feel lonely.

the EIC launched the Pensioner Support Programme with a view to curing the on-going struggle that pensioners and the retired go through on a day to day basis. The programme offers elderly former workers in the electrical or energy industry access to support services, including phone support in the form of counselling, financial, plus debt assistance, totally free.

People involved in the programme are then given the opportunity to connect with fellow retired colleagues and their carers are offered support too.