Our NICEIC certified & Qualified Supervisor heads our Electrical Consultancy team.

Complete and appropriate safety compliance is a duty of all employers. There are stringent regulations stating that employers must have current and full compliance certification. In the event of a safety inspection or worse still, a fire, employee injury, or other serious mishap associated with your electrical supply system, your certification is going to be scrutinised for currency and accuracy.

We are qualified to inspect and provide appropriate certification and reports for a wide range of Electrical Services.

Electrical Installation Condition Report – Fixed Wire Testing – Periodic Energy Lighting Report – Portable Appliance Testing (to name a few).

Importantly, we are also qualified to check and validate other suppliers work if you require it. This includes inspecting and reporting on your current test and compliance documents and providing you with a report and analysis with any recommendations.

We will be pleased to provide a quotation for any work that may be necessary in order to bring your services to the required compliance level.

If you require a personal consultation:


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