Construction Week set to see ECA host Virtual Reality experience for guests

The ECA are set to make a major impact at this year’s UK Construction Week event. The event will be hosted in Birmingham October 9-11 at the Building Tech Live Theatre and is set to see the first ever trial of a Virtual Reality experience by the ECA. They will be showcasing their Virtual Reality experience at the stand BT165. People attending the event should expect to see some examples of the electrotechnical sector and how it could be affected by applications such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and AI.

Also featuring at the event will be displays on key factors in the industry such as smart homes and cyber security, as well as fire safety and prevention methods. There will be a variety of high profiles from the ECA and within the construction sector attending. One of those people will be Rob Driscoll of the ECA, who has been nominated as the UK Construction Week 2018 Role Model. The Role Model campaign is in place with an aim of raising the profile for professionals in the industry who have done more than is normally asked of them in their specific job role, or faced some sort of struggle or adversity to reach the current position they are in.

The Director of Business for the ECA, Paul Reeves, commented on the upcoming Construction Week event: “ECA is delighted to strengthen our partnership with UK Construction Week, and the establishment of Building Tech Live is a superb development. We are looking forward to offering ECA members events benefits such as VIP status, and a new VR experience for all attendees at the ECA stand.”