Electrical lines injure rescuers at flooded Thai cave


Rescue services in Thailand are continuing the effort to save 12 schoolboys and their football coach who have been trapped in a flooded cave for over ten days. The rescuers have been managing to access the area of the cave where the boys are trapped to bring food and provisions to them, and have set up electrical lines there to power lights and pumps. However, this has caused a setback in their efforts as three rescuers were injured the other day by an electrical short.

Journalists on the scene reported that members of the rescue team ran out the cave shouting to turn off the electricity immediately as people had suffered injuries. Emergency services quickly arrived to treat the injured men and it was reported that the injuries were minor and all the men were stable.

The electrical system has been set up inside the cave to work lights and pumps which aim to battle the flooding, in the hope that the group can be more easily reached and their rescue can be conducted. It is a concern that if they do not find a way to get the boys out, they will have to wait months for the flooding to naturally subside.

People within the construction industry proving stereotypes wrong by prioritising work over World Cup

It is common knowledge that people within the construction industry are known for getting carried away with all the hype of big football tournaments, and there is no bigger tournament in football than the World Cup. A UK leading trade supplier recently conducted a survey studying the opinions of those within the industry regarding the World Cup and how it affects their work.

The respondents include various tradespeople from different sectors within the construction industry. A poll was run studying 1,000 individuals, finding that 75% of them would not be skipping work to watch their team. Employers are growing more flexible to their employee needs by allowing them time to watch the football. A respondent who is an employer himself stated that: “As the boss, I always give my team the time off. It also saves them giving me the daft excuses!”.

A Marketing Director of the company who ran the survey explained: “The World Cup is an exciting time for many of us – tradespeople are no exception. We wanted to find out how our customers were preparing for the year’s biggest sporting event. The research was carried out in the name of fun, but it was great to see results challenging the outdated stereotype of contractors and other trades professionals neglecting their jobs for football! Tradespeople in Britain work hard, and we hope they enjoy watching World Cup 2018.”

Grenfell Tower floodlit with green lighting in remembrance of last years victims

A year on from the tragedy that saw 72 people killed after a fire broke out in the Grenfell Tower, a number of towers including Grenfell Tower, have been floodlit green in honour of the anniversary. As well as Grenfell Tower 12 other towers were due to be floodlit at the time of 00:54 BST – this the time that the fire was first reported. There was also a minute’s silence arranged to honour the victims.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, paid her tributes on twitter saying she wanted to “pay her tributes to the victims’ family, friends and loved ones for the strength and dignity they have shown”.

Also paying tribute, was one of the last survivors from the fire, Natasha Elcock who paid her tributes via BBC Radio 4: “We really want to ensure that we change so much that Grenfell is not remembered because it killed 72 people but because it has a legacy of change – that behaviours change within social housing, the way people are treated, how they are listened to. We could have been the most angry community out there because of what happened, but we’ve chosen to be dignified, be calm.”

Lighting company to light up 10 of 12 stadiums used in the upcoming world cup

Signify lighting (formerly Phillips Lighting) have recently announced that they are responsible for the lighting of 10 out of 12 stadiums used for the 2018 world cup hosted in Russia. Stadiums include: Luzhniki (Moscow), pictured above, Krestovsky Stadium (Saint Petersburg), Fisht (Sochi), Ekaterinburg Arena (Yekaterinburg) as well as, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd and Samara.

The LED lighting provided by Signify will provide those in attendance with state of the art lighting, ideal for both fans and the players, especially for those at home viewing on television. Another fantastic feature of Signify is that it can be controlled to allow the syncing between music and the lighting, creating amazing pre-match atmospheres.

A particularly unique example of an installation is at Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium, where there is a 39,000 square meter LED media roof installed, this making it one of the largest, most novel media facades in Russia. It is thought that this will build excitement for many fans across the city with its creation of unique light shows, before, after, and during games.

Head of sport lighting at Signify in Russia, Sergey Karpov explained: “We have more than 80 years of experience in lighting sports events and are recognised as the world leader in sports illumination. Through these installations, fans and television viewers around the world will enjoy their favourite game while soccer players on the field will get the optimum visibility.”

Almost 50% increase in UK lighting market from 2013 – 2017

Over the last number of years, the UK lighting market has grown significantly, from the dates of 2013 to 2017, the estimated value of the market was valued at £2.4bn, having increased a massive 44% since 2013. LED lighting has been influential in this, having a lot of success in the non domestic sector, whilst also becoming more and more important in the domestic market as many businesses seek to improve the energy efficiency within their buildings.

Luminaires still however dominate the UK lighting market, with a huge 57% of the market share recorded for 2017. However this share is declining slowly because of the success of other sectors. The UK lamps sector has been dominated mostly by LED lighting, with a number of large organisations investing heavily into the LED sector, this in order to maintain market share through acquisition.

Market research executive at AMA research, Fiona Watts explained: “Prospects for the UK lighting market remain positive, although more muted than recent history with annual growth rates of around 4-5% to 2022. There is potential for growth from the domestic sector as the take-up of LED systems offers increased scope for a reduction in energy-use, improved controls, and as technology prices fall and awareness of benefits increases.”

Campaign ‘Ban the bravado’ has big success after reaching over 13 million homes

A campaign that was recently launched by the NICEIC and ELECSA aimed at consumers, in aid of promoting officially registered electrical engineers, was a big success as it reached almost £14m home owners. The campaign that was first launched in late May (25th) has already successfully hit a reported £13m homes.

Fronted by famous premier league footballer Dion Dublin, the campaign targeted the dangerous household DIY tasks that many people carry out themselves at home despite having little to zero experience. He took part in numerous radio shows across the UK, as well as appearing in national newspaper ‘The Daily Star’.

The head of communications for the campaign, Paul Collins, explained: “With more access to DIY tutorials on the internet our research showed that people are now more willing than ever to have a go at jobs around the home that they have no experience of.

“Our message was clear. Carrying out any electrical work is dangerous and should only be carried out by registered tradespeople.

“We want to put an end to the bravado and get householders to admit there are times when it’s only right to call on the help of a professional.”

Powerful electric shock sends worker 4ft across room, court hears

A court heard how a welsh man fell victim to an extremely powerful electric shock that exited his body through his filings. The man was sent flying through a workshop, after he touched a faulty socket.

The powerful electrical current flowed right through his body eventually exiting via his mouth through his fillings, after starting from his thumb where he made first point of contact with the dangerous socket. The incident that happened whilst he was working, left the victim with life altering changes, including needing intense physiotherapy to recover.

The prosecutor in the case, had reported how the building where the incident took place was in a terrible condition, with defects including leaking of water into the house, wires that were exposed and low-level plastic electrical sockets.
Shortly after the incident had occurred, the victim was left dazed and suffering with chest pains, but luckily was able to contact paramedics.

Fire risk warnings for many counterfeit electrical products being sold on e-commerce websites, company finds

After analysing electrical appliance products being sold online, safety specialists, ‘Electrical Safety First’ have found that in the months of April and May 2018, there were many seriously dangerous products that have a big risk of causing fire, being sold. Amazon, the Amazon marketplace, and eBay were the amongst popular names to be featured as selling these harmful products. Many different types of dodgy counterfeit goods were found to be available for purchase on these websites, some of the safety risks consisted of potential to cause fire and potential to cause electrical shock.

Some of the items listed on these popular websites were the ones also listed on the product recall page of ‘Electrical Safety First’, this page is specifically available to the public as a source of knowledge on what products to avoid, or goods that have already been purchased and should be recalled as soon as possible.

Current statistics in the UK are worrying as they show a massive percentage of residents are mistakenly purchasing these knock off items. A reported 18 million people in the UK are said to have purchased at least one faulty item.

A representative from ‘Electrical Safety First’, Phillip Buckle, had this to say: “We are appalled to discover how easy it is to buy dangerous electrical goods online.

“Our investigation uncovered appliances that were visibly substandard, counterfeit or even subject to a recall, with model numbers matching items on our product recall list.

“It’s evident that e-commerce websites must work to improve the way in which they regulate third party sellers to protect consumers from the risks posed by dangerous fake goods.”

You can find more information on faulty electrical goods via the ‘Electrical Safety First’ website here –  https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/product-recalls/

Campaign launched to make electrical testing of appliances mandatory for rented properties in UK

Electrical firm Seaward, along with the backing of an MP, are aiming to start a national campaign in which they hope to be able to demand that new laws on appliance testing in rental properties. Seaward and Grahame Morris, a Labour MP are set to make the move ahead of the Grenfell Tower tragedy anniversary. MP Grahame Morris has previously sponsored a Parliamentary Early Day Motion, and the firm are actively encouraging all insurers to take portable appliance testing seriously when evaluating rented premises.

Seward also make the valid point that PAT Testing can have a significant impact in identifying or highlighting simple problems like wear and tear that a tenant or property owner may be unaware of, as well as dodgy items that need to be recalled or were counterfeit and do not meet current UK safety standards.

They have the stats to back this up as well, with government statistics for 2016-17 showing that faulty electrical appliances were the second biggest cause of accidental house fires in the UK.

Grahame Morris, MP for Easington in County Durham said: “I fully support Seaward’s important fire safety campaign. Electrical faults are one of the leading causes of domestic fires and are cited as a possible cause of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Regular PAT testing can ensure that electrical faults are identified, helping to prevent potentially lethal fires. It’s a quick, easy and affordable process that can save lives and protect property.”

Landlord refuses to install smoke alarms despite string of arson attacks on Brighton flats

Smoke alarms will not be installed in a block of flats, this despite the flats being the target of multiple arson attacks in recent months. Residents  in Brighton had called for greater fire safety since the attacks and smoke alarms were thought to be a good step in  the early detection of any fire before it has the chance to grow. But the landlord of the flats has reportedly refused the installation request, despite residents pleading it would make them feel safer if they were to be installed. A couple of the recent arson attacks consisted of one electricity box being torched and a hallway sofa being set alight was another attack. The Brighton landlord described it as “not needed”.

Since the backlash a spokesman who has also been an adviser for the landlord has since come forward to try and explain the landlords actions, or rather, lack of action. He explained: “A system for a block of flats should comply with BS 5839, would be of a substantial cost and would not be required for a property that has been constructed to withstand the effects of a fire, as the safest place, unless otherwise informed by the fire service, is inside the flat.

“The doors to flats would ordinarily be of a 30-minute fire rated construction and at Manhattan Court they are 60-minute fire rated doors, offering double the protection required.”