Canadian transport company fined $600K over electrical explosion


TransLink, the company responsible for operating the metro system across Vancouver, is facing a hefty fine from WorkSafeBC over an electrical explosion last year which injured one worker. The incident occurred on the ‘SkyTrain’ metro system, which is under control of Translink subsidiary the BC Rapid Transit Company (BCRTC), who have been fined more than $600,000 due to the incident.

WorkSafe BC conducted an investigation into the incident and recently published a report, which found that BCRTC broke two health and safety regulations whilst doing work at the Nanaimo SkyTrain station (pictured above) in May, 2017. The report stated that the explosion occurred when a worker was feeding wires into the station’s air conditioning electrical room. It found that one electrical panel used in the process should have been locked out before the work commenced, which could have happened when the station was closed. Furthermore, BCRTC had not documented specific safety procedures for locking out the panel.

Following the report, TransLink made a statement in which it said it “takes safety seriously, and has a well-developed safety program to protect its staff, customers and the general public.”

It also claimed that they had ensured that BCRTC reviewed and adjusted their safety procedures and practices in the wake of the incident, and that all staff were made aware of the changes seeking to improve overall safety.