Fire Stopping Solutions

Reducing the spread of fire has always been important, however as buildings become more modern, some structures are increasingly vast and complex in comparison to more traditional buildings. This, in some cases, can leave buildings even more vulnerable to the spread of fire.

The numerous fire preventative projects we have provided over the last few years, have enabled us to gain vital knowledge and experience of every aspect in Fire Stopping. From the early stages of planning and surveying, right through to carrying out the works. Like all of our services, no job is too big or too small for us to consider, having provided commercial Fire Stopping Services on both a small and large scale.

We deliver a range of sophisticated methods for containing and preventing the spread of fire in your building. Ensuring areas that could be at risk of fire spread, are protected. We are able to install and in some instances, supply a whole variety of fire containment technology engineered specifically for the unique areas or aspects of your building. We also provide upgrades to your existing  and newly fitted doors as well as any shutters.

Frequently used materials include:

  • Sealant and coatings
  • Penetration void fillers
  • Pipework and trunk fitting

Our Fire Stopping Services stem the flow of heat and smoke, compartmentalising any potential vulnerable areas. Thereby crucially increasing the time available for emergency evacuation.

Our Fire Stopping team provide an initial fire survey of your building to detect exposed areas that need securing. From there we will carry out the fitting of the various fire resistant protection materials required.

If you require any Fire Stopping services


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