Addressing gender gap must be a priority for electrical industry in 2018


As the country joined in celebration yesterday to acknowledge the milestone of 100 years since (some) females received the right to vote, companies were prompted to consider the level of gender equality that has been accomplished in their industry. Although there has been much progress in reducing gender disparities in many fields, their existence is still widely observable, especially within the electrical and wider construction sectors. This point has been highlighted by NICEIC CEO, Emma Clancy, who says that tackling gender inequality must be a priority for this trade through 2018; “February 6th 1918 was an important milestone in our history but it only marked the start of a journey that we are still on today to bring about equality.”

She pointed out that of the total workforce in the electrical industry, only one per cent was made up of female workers, and that the whole industry needs to look at changing its approach to recruitment and how it is portrayed to combat this problem. To help the situation, NICEIC has previously set up the Jobs for the Girls campaign, aiming to promote the opportunities in the electrical industry for women and bring the attention of the industry to this issue.

Emma continues, explaining the importance of schemes like this; “There are some great success stories out there of women who have made a great career in the electrical industry.

“They are real trailblazers and evident that the industry is changing. However, the numbers are still painfully low and many young women are still pushed into careers such as hairdressing or childcare as it is the perceived norm.”

She hopes that other important figures throughout the industry will join her in promoting careers in this field to young females as an exciting and viable option.